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I make websites & logos

Ever since I was younger I have always dreamed about having my own business or becoming a Law Enforcement Officer. I got into creating logos about 2 years ago (2017). When I started up my YouTube Channel, about a year later I created my own website which goes deeper into my past on the "About Me" page. I then did a "Follow Me" page which included my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Younow, Youtube, and eventually my Twitch. It was fun and easy to make. Then one of my friends who's a Jr. Firefighter in TN wanted a website made for him for a game, It was outstanding. Then I took my career of making websites even further into my career of being a Volunteer Athletic Coach., just this past year I had the honor and privilege of coaching the Trumansburg Boys JV and Varsity Basketball Teams. Because I got placed on the duty of updating our fans about how us as a team was going this past season, I created a website for the whole Trumansburg Blue Raiders Boys' Basketball teams, which included Modified, JV, and Varsity.

I then showed the website off to the school and that is when Jane Broadfield (The owner of Trimmers Ice Cream) asked me if I could design them a website. Because I'm super generous I decided to take Jane upon her offer. However, I had to wait a couple of months before I could because I didn't have enough information about Trimmers in order to do so. Then finally Trimmers came out with a "draft" of a website. I took the information off that website and imported it into one of my templates. When I got the rough draft done I showed it to Jane and she was blown away with it. When I did all the finally edits and was proud of what I had done I set up a date with Jane and her daughter Lindsay Broadfield to meet at Trimmers. That is when they gave me the spark to start up my own website design business to help out other businesses. Between the support from Trimmers Ice Cream, my family, and my boyfriend, I decided to start up N. Goodell Websites.

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